Thursday, January 15, 2009

Culture Fair

Regan's class had a Culture Fair today. Their portable has 4 classrooms, so each class presented a different culture, and the kids rotated to each room. One of Regan's friends, Case, his grandparents have been to each of the 7 continents, so they came and gave a slide presentation to the kids of their travels, and taught them how to say hello in several languages.

Regan's class was Australia, and her teacher talked about her travels there, showed them a "digiridoo," boomerang, played native music, and talked about the native animals, the Aborigine's, and we all tried to talk like an Australian, "G'Day" "Crikey" and all that.

Then it was on to Sweden where they learned about some of their customs which to be honest, I was too busy helping with the craft to pay any attention. They made "Crowns of Light" and all I know was it required a lot of glue and a lot of parent attention!

Then to China, the teacher went there recently and had several of her souvenirs there to show the kids, so it was fun to reminisce. She passed out fortune cookies to all the kids and let them see the silk scarves, bamboo, and compared the differences in our money and writing.

Next stop, Senegal, West Africa, where the kids learned a native African dance and got to play a drum, and saw some pretty African beads made from recycled paper. They got to make their own beaded rings on pipe cleaners also.

I love that they are learning at such a young age about different cultures, and languages and that everyone is different, but yet so much the same.

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