Saturday, January 24, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies!

After a nice, balmy 80 degree's on Friday, a cold front came through just in time for our first cookie booths on Saturday so Regan and I were out there freezing our butts off for 4 hours! First we had Texaco, and we did end up leaving early after selling only 13 boxes of cookies. Then we had a Walmart booth, and we sold 104 boxes there! That one was almost worth the frozen fingers. It was about 36 degrees, and we were wrapped in blankets and scarves and hats, and still so cold. Thankfully dad had a fire in the fireplace and we had cocoa as soon as we got home. Not a bad start to our first sales weekend though! I'm just hoping we get better weather for the next 5 weekends!

1 comment:

ladygram said...

Don't forget that you guys are coming for Mardi Gras and Gram and Papa would love some cookies!!!! Have Regan give us a call!!!