Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia

Another girl scout event this weekend, Mamma Mia! and it was so much fun, and a mother/daughter event. After church, and lunch, we booked it back to Pflugerville to meet up with our troop and join the fun. They had it broken down into stations, the first was a disco station, they had one room with a lot of funky accessories out for the moms and girls to try on and then have your picture taken together. Regan didn't want to leave this toom until she tried on EVERYTHING! There were feather boa's, funky hats, tiaras, glittery sunglasses, all kinds of fun stuff. So, we finally narrowed it down, got our picture made, then went next door to the disco and danced to some ABBA music!

Then the next station was smoothies, which neither one of us are really into, but we chose a peach/strawberry smoothie and didn't drink much, but played some games at the table for a bit.

The next station was both our favorites, the SPA station! Regan wanted to paint my nails, so I let her and she did a great job! Then she wanted to do my make-up, but I said let me do yours first and then spent a LONG time doing her nails and make up. She looked so cute though, and there was sparkle glitter hair spray, so she was very sparkly when we left. She also won the door prize in that room, a little make up bag with some nail polish and lip gloss in it.

At the last station we made pet rocks and picture frames, and again, she won the door prize at that station! It was a lot of fun, and the girls (and moms) had a great time!

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