Friday, May 29, 2009

Big Top Candy Shop

Another one of those Austin places you just have to experience! Big Top Candy Shop was awesome! I have been wanting to take the kids there for a while, so after Shady Grove, since we were in the same neck of the woods (WAY south) we headed over near the trailer park food court and hit up Big Top. David had more fun there than the kids did I think. They had everything there, salt water taffy in every imaginable flavor, chocolate covered things like cookie dough, espresso beans, brownie batter, hundreds of gummy things, and bacon flavored mints and floss. David had been wanting to try an egg creme, so he got that and enjoyed it, and Regan got old fashioned pink bubblegum ice cream, and Riley got lime sherbet. Then when it came time to buy some candy, again, David went overboard with giant super sour gum balls, sour Skittles, a bag full of chocolate covered coffee beans, crunchy hot candy, and many more. The kids didn't get a whole lot, surprisingly enough. But, it was a neat place, we'll go back to enjoy the soda fountain at least.

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