Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Mother's Day Presents

It was Neighborhood Garage Sale day in our neighborhood, and I was planning on putting some stuff out to sell, but we were having a house full of company later, so I didn't think it would be a good day to make a huge mess in the garage. But when Riley went outside to play, and saw all the garage sales around, he bummed some money off me to go buy a tennis racket. Well, he came back a few minutes later, walking in the door with a friend saying, "Happy Mother's Day!" and carrying this:

It was a nice thought, but I don't really need a dog house. Especially not one that small, but I know my friend Tammy had been looking for one, so I asked if we could get it to her, and he said fine. Then he left to go get his tennis racket. But instead, he walks in the door again, saying "Happy Mother's Day!" and this time holding a bag full of bubble wrap that contained the following gems:

Sweet! Margarita glasses! He just thought they were really cool tea glasses. Then he went to buy his tennis racket, and instead, came back in the door with this over his back:

Funny enough, it is the exact same lamp my mom used to have in her living room, so that was funny. Other than that, it's pretty ugly, but we needed a lamp in the game room anyway, so it was a nice present. He did get his tennis racket and a baseball glove, so he had a great shopping day. He is such a sweet boy!

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Steven Stanford said...

I used to have that lamp!