Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Swine Flu Vacation

It has been kind of nice to have some time off, even if it's for such a bogus reason. On Monday I spent the day driving Daniel around to get his license renewed, and all the fun stuff that goes along with that. But, me, Daniel and Kenzie had brunch at Juan in a Million, that place is SO good, so that was way fun.

Then Tuesday we spent the day (and I mean, the entire day) at the pool with friends. I think my kids finally learned a valuable lesson about not doing flips into the pool right after eating lunch, as I re-lectured them while washing vomit off the sidewalks of the pool. No one was sick, they just can't flip and spin like they usually do, right after eating Cheeto's.

On Wednesday we tried out a new park, Champion Park, it had a big dinosaur sand pit, and a small water spray area, and after they got completely soaked I said we needed to do it right, so we went down the road to the sprinkler park and got REALLY soaked! They didn't have their bathing suits with them, but they had fun anyway, and for whatever reason, I got some really good pictures of the kids.

School wasn't supposed to start back until Monday, but I guess they got it cleaned good enough, so they are back today. I have mixed feelings, I'm anxious to start home schooling, I know we are gonna love it, but yet, having a day to myself is not something that I get too often, so I will enjoy these last 18 until school is out for good.

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