Friday, May 1, 2009

Brownie Sleepover

"Let's Pretend" was the theme of this sleepover, and the girls earned a Try-it for their Brownie vest, and they had such a great time. First they made crown necklaces with their names on it, then they made masks, and took turns acting out the Fairy Tale character they dressed up as. We had a hard time coming up with one since Regan found out her favorite, Cinderella, "used to be a slave". So we used the old Halloween costume and said she was a pirate from Peter Pan. Then she had a sudden attack of shyness and wouldn't get in front of anyone to act out anything Piratey. But, when we went to the charade/mime station, she enjoyed doing the charades. Then there was a tongue-twister station and we all took turns saying different tongue twisters like "Greek grapes" or "toy boat" 10 times fast.

Then it was pj's and movie time. The girls all got in their jammies and laid on air mattresses, which, for future reference, I'm bringing my own and not sharing with my wiggle worm, every time she breathed I moved. I felt motion sick after a while! We watched a Little Red Riding Hood movie, which the girls enjoyed and then lights out at 10:30 which is the earliest I've been to bed in ages, but come morning, I still didn't feel like I slept at all! It was a rough night on a hard floor, a wiggly kid, and another girl waking up many times to see if it was time to go home yet. But, it was fun. The girls did have a great time, and I'm just thankful it wasn't canceled for the swine flu.

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