Saturday, October 10, 2009

Beads of Love

I signed Regan up for this Girl Scout event, because it's for a good cause and I thought it would be fun. I did NOT think things through clearly. Last night was the church's Gattiland Lock-in, we dropped the kids both off at 11, David and I hit the town, had coffee at Mozart's, drove around town looking at the fancy houses, and ended up eating pancakes at Kerbey Lane sometime around 3am. The kids had to be picked up by 7am, and our event was at 1! I really didn't think Regan would stay up all night long, but she did. I guess the 4.5 hour nap the night before did the trick. So she wasn't exactly in a great mood pulling up. We were supposed to make 10 bracelets each to be given out at the Komen Race for the Cure to breast cancer survivors. We would make a bracelet, write an encouraging message on each bag and sign with our name and troop number. Well, let me just say, those little bead holes are awfully small on a couple hours sleep! But we got close to our 10 bracelets and went home for another nap.

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