Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I signed Regan up for this Girl Scout event because she LOVES animals. She stops every time we go to Petsmart to buy food, and wants to adopt every animal we see. She is starting to see the connection between the cute cows along the road, and the burgers we eat. I know she loves her food, but I really can see her wanting to be a vegetarian one day. I bought a pizza the other day and she got onto me for buying one with "animal" on it (pepperoni). I guess if bean and cheese burritos are vegetarian, she'd do okay.

The Central Texas SPCA came out to the Girl Scout center, and brought a cute little dog, Stinkerbelle. They let the girls take their pictures with her, and each girl wrote up a description of Stinkerbelle to help her find a family. They talked to the girls about being a responsible pet owner, and how to help find homes for the animals in the shelter. I was glad that Regan didn't get so attached that she begged me to take the dog home. But, we do still have 3 more weeks of this class! There is bound to be one dog in the bunch that she bonds with.

But if you know anyone who needs a good cute dog, please check out Stinkerbelle!

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