Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Miss Piggy

Regan's last Puppy Love class featured Miss Piggy, although they are looking for a new name for her, a more befitting name. She is part Beagle, and SO adorable!

The girls made a Power Point slide show featuring all the things they learned about being a good dog owner. Regan's list included not letting your dog out in a storm, give them baths to keep away the fleas, spay or neuter your dog, never chain your dog, give them fresh water daily, etc. She had one of the best slide shows in the class and they saved it to show future classes, she was very excited about that!

And she got a new T-Shirt for completing the class. I think she will miss going to meet the new dogs every week, and I'm surprised we made it through the month without her begging and pleading to adopt one of them!

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