Saturday, October 17, 2009

Duck Park

The weather has been so gorgeous the last few days, we decided to take the kids out to the duck park for a while. We took Bailey, who doesn't normally get out much, with his hip problems, he's just not real active. But he sure enjoys chasing a duck every now and then. We had some bread to feed the ducks and geese, and I let Bailey off his leash for a bit, normally he sticks close by, but this time he saw a goose in the bushes and took off. I've never seen him move that fast! He chased that goose up the hill, around the corner, and next thing you know, I see Bailey rolling down the cliff smack dab into the lake! He freaked out, not sure if he could swim, it wasn't far to the bank, and he finally made it, but he was exhausted and a little goose-shy after that.

So I put him back on the leash just in time for a stray dog to come sniffing around. It was a pit bull, and I have nothing against pit bulls, but this one sniffed a bit then grabbed Bailey by the throat and started attacking him. Bailey is the sweetest dog ever and didn't know what to do, I grabbed him and pulled him back and a man that was there came over, took out his knife and was yelling at the dog, I thought we were going to witness a murder right there. Come to find out, it was a stray and he was just trying to keep him away from his little boy, which I can understand, but my kids were kind of freaked out by the grown man wielding a knife at a dog.

At that point I think we'd all had enough of the duck park. While we were waiting for animal control to come get the dog, we helped a littly boy who was fishing and caught a snapping turtle instead. It was quite the adventure at the park.

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