Saturday, September 18, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Football?!

I love this picture. Riley is in the center, #28. He's not the smallest kid on his team, which is good, but there aren't many his size! He took a hard hit in the game and was down on the field for a bit. It was *really* hard as momma not to go running out on the field to check on my baby boy! I didn't think he would appreciate it. But he was okay, he landed on his arm wrong and bent his elbow the wrong way. I will be glad when football is over though, he comes home from every practice with a new bruise, and as much as he loves it, I hate it!

And this was our 17th wedding anniversary! I remember the first few kidless years where we would go to a nice dinner, or a movie, maybe a play or a trip. Now we're sitting in the sweltering heat watching football, followed by a victory brunch of breakfast tacos at Juan in a Million. I'm not complaining, I just think it's fun to see where life takes you!

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