Friday, September 3, 2010

Celebration Home School Small Group

Pioneer Farm

It's Small Group time at Celebration Church! This time around, David and I both signed up to be Small Group Leaders. David's is a father/son disc golf group, and mine is a home school group. Our first outing was to Pioneer Farm for home school day. Admission was cheap, we brought a picnic lunch and met some new friends!

We watched Little House on the Prairie for the kid's first time ever before we went, so they had a good idea about what life was like back then. We got to watch the blacksmith pounding iron into different shapes and telling us about what all a blacksmith would do back then. And the girls got to make corn husk dolls with scrap material. And they loved the outhouses. They couldn't get over having to walk across the yard to go to the bathroom!

The weather was nice too, it rained a bit when we first got there, but then it was nice and cool the rest of the day. And at the end of our tour the kids got a snow cone (which I don't know how that fits in with pioneer days, but they enjoyed it). Overall I think my first small group meeting was a success.

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