Friday, September 3, 2010

Press Play

We had a free concert at church, Press Play and Matthew Barnett from the Dream Center. It was awesome! We were hesitant to go at first, we had been at Pioneer Farm all day and were tired and had been rained on, and just kind of blah. But then Riley said he didn't want to go, he just wanted to play on the computer all night and I yanked him up and we left. We're not gonna sit around on our computer when there's an opportunity to be at church! And the kids had a blast, we were all so glad we went. Riley used his own money to buy cd's and a hat, and I caught a shirt for Regan out of the shirt shooter gun! They got to meet the band, get all their autographs and we heard an awesome message from Matthew Barnett and learned more about the Dream Center. What an incredible ministry they have out there. His stories were just crazy! But it was a fun concert, Regan's first, and it was so cute to see her with her friends, standing on a chair in church and jumping up and down praising God! Riley was up front with his friends in the mosh pit. I love our church!!

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