Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hawks vs. Eagles

(He's #28, on the end, this is before game prayer)

Riley had his first football game of the season, in Houston. We weren't too thrilled with the whole idea of it. The game was scheduled for 2:00, he had to be there by 12:30, and the refs ended up getting lost and pushing ALL the games back by about 2 hours. So we spent a lot of time sitting in the bleachers, waiting. Then Riley's team played, and Riley didn't get to play much. I would have understood if the team was making winning play after winning play, yeah, don't mess with a good thing. But we got creamed by the Eagles, 23 to 0. The Hawks kept using the same team, making the same plays over and over and over. It was so frustrating to watch, and especially knowing that we just wasted a whole day, and Riley was wanting to play so bad! When he did get to go play, he did great, tackled the people he was supposed to and all that. It was just a frustrating day. Reinforcing my dislike for football.

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