Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Boy is Gone...

We spent the evening before playing Settlers of Catan by the fireplace until late in the night, trying to spend as much time together as possible. But by morning, he was packed and ready to go and a little nervous.

David packed his sea bag, and I hope he can figure out how to get all that stuff back in there. The packing list was a mile long! Most of it fit in his sea bag, but he had to bring a garment bag for his uniforms and a backpack for his orders and a book to read on the plane. He can't call us except for when he gets in, and after he graduates.

I miss him already! I think this will be harder on dad than anyone. He kept monitoring the plane, letting us know exactly where the plane was as it flew over each state. He's missing his buddy I can tell!

But, we got a call from my Aunt Elaine and Uncle Dennis and so we met them for dinner at Cracker Barrel as they drove through town on their way home to Dallas. It was fun catching up with them, it's been too long!

I just hope the next 9 days flies by super fast. I really don't like not having all my babies in the nest!

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