Sunday, February 24, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

It's been a crazy busy week! We had our first ever Women's Conference at church this weekend, and David and I were both volunteers. It was so much fun. On Friday night, we had a photo booth, with all kinds of fun props and hats and stuff, it was really cute. Charlotte Gambil was the guest speaker and she was amazing! What a great way to open the conference. Tammy came and spent the night with me, her church had a group of ladies come to the conference, so it was fun to have my BFF there. The after party was great, there was hot cocoa and coffee, chocolate dipped pretzels and popcorn, frozen yogurt, line dancing, it was fun.

Then we were back bright and early on Saturday for a full day of fun. I just love our church. There were so many fun skits and videos and the meetings were just awesome. Christine Caine and our pastor's wife, Lori Champion, spoke on Saturday, with Charlotte Gambil again. I just keep saying over and over, it was so good.

Anyway, that kept us busy the whole weekend. And on Sunday after church we took Riley and Hunter to the skate park, Riley rode his bike around while we walked Hunter around the hike and bike trail, and he loved it. It really wore him out and he slept great that night. We really need to do that again! He loves to smell EVERYTHING so walking is slow going, but he's learning. The skates and bikes kind of scared him, but he was getting better. He's also getting SO big. His other ear is finally starting to poke up too, so I think he might end up with 2 pokey-uppey ears after all!

 Hunter snuck a nap on the couch while mom and dad were gone! Bad boy!!

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