Friday, February 1, 2013

Puppy and Cookies

That is the story of my life these days. Puppy puppy puppy cookies cookies cookies. I'm up half the night with the puppy, and out all day with cookies! Not really but it seems like it.

The good news, I started crate training Hunter and he's doing MUCH better. Last night he slept from 11-5:30 (which is the longest stretch of sleep I've had since we got him!) and then I took him out and put him back in his crate till 6:30 when we get up. He whines a little when I put him back but he goes back to sleep pretty quick. He's getting so big too!

As for cookies, we're almost to 600 sold. Which is pretty good because we're not quite to the halfway mark of selling, but we are over halfway done with OUR goal. I'm hoping we can sell another couple hundred this weekend, and be on the downhill slope from there.

I took a night off from booths last night to renew my CPR certification, and Riley came too. He's been wanting to take CPR and I think it helps him in Sea Cadets, for his Quartermaster or something! And here's a link to a recent article about his Recruit Training that he went to:

Well, that's about all that's going on around this neck of the woods!

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