Friday, February 8, 2013

The Super FUN Week

Can you detect my sarcasm? It HAS been a fun week. Well, it kind of started off fun, we had dinner with friends, and that was fun. Then I got the flu, and the puppy took about 3 giant leaps backwards in the whole potty-training business, and decided that 5am is just as good a time as any to be up for the day and eating shoes.

And there's a little matter of about 400 boxes of Girl Scout cookies with MY name on them staring at me from my living room. And me with no energy to do anything about it but whine.

But, in my near-delirious state on the couch, I would hear Hunter on the move and jump up and run to the back door to let him go potty outside, so although I haven't gotten the much needed rest to get over the flu, the house training is back on track.  Regan and I had a really good cookie booth last night where we sold 80 boxes, so I feel a little better about where we stand there. And right now, everyone is gone but me and the tired dogs. I think I am going to catch up on some DVR and enjoy the silence.

Regan was invited to a "Rock Star" birthday party tonight. She was so excited, wanted me to buy her a whole new outfit, with new high heel shoes and hoochie mama shorts and everything. She's in this awkward phase right now, the girl section is too "girly" and the women's section is too "womanly" or, hoochie. Not that it's stopping her, she would be fine with some hoochieness. But that's not leaving my house! Also, I wasn't really thrilled with the idea of buying a new outfit AND a birthday present, so we compromised and got a new shirt and a clearance scarf.

She came home so excited, but quickly got upset when she saw her friends looking "more glam" than her. We have no "hair crinklers" (yeah, left that back in the 80's) no spiky high heels, no funky jewelry. Sorry, I'm too plain Jane for my 10 year old I guess! Well, she was upset, ready to not even GO to the party, and I promised her I could glam her up like nobody's business. She wasn't convinced, she said all my stuff was too "old lady" and nothing, NOTHING would work for her. So, I found my mom's old jewelry stash, and boy, we hit jackpot. My stuff is too old lady, but not my MOM'S?! HELLO?! She was flabbergasted that I didn't wear her stuff all the time, but she felt super glam with her huge silver clunky earrings, double pearl necklace, silver hair clip, all kinds of jewelry goodness! She did wear my wedge heel boots, so I'm not a total fuddy-duddy I guess.  Then I brushed on some of my purple sparkly eye shadow (hello, only a super cool mom has purple sparkly eye shadow!) and she was good to go.

Anyway, drama queen has left the building so I think it's safe for me to relax! And the boys have tickets to see Top Gun at the IMAX. Boring. And here's a picture of Hunter, who likes to "help" me load the dishwasher.

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