Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Regan's Big Break

After having Riley x-rayed so many times, I was worried he would become some radioactive super-hero (Injury-Man anyone?) it was Regan's turn I guess. She came in from playing last night, right about the time we were supposed to leave for church, bloody and upset. She's very stoic when she's hurt, so I never know how bad things really are. She once had a well check with a double ear infection and we had no idea! She's not one to milk things either, like her big brother. She had fallen off her scooter and landed on her arm and knees pretty bad. Her forearm was swollen, and her knees looked like she slid down a cheese grater.

So, I wasn't sure if we should watch and wait for swelling to go down or go to urgent care right away. But after about an hour, the swelling had gone down some, but you could still feel a lump in her arm, above the wrist area, and her knees and legs were pretty nasty looking. Bad case of road rash. So, I took her in. There's an urgent care place right down the road and they got us in and out in about an hour, so that was nice. She cried when they did the x-ray because of how she had to hold her arm. The results were somewhat inconclusive. The doctor thinks it is something called a "greenstick" fracture, but they were sending the x-rays to a pediatric radiologist today and I haven't heard back yet.

In the meanwhile, they splinted her arm and cleaned and wrapped the legs.  She can't really put any pressure on her arm, or push or pull with it, so changing clothes has been a challenge (which might mean less laundry for a while, that girl likes to change her clothes!) Anyway, she's doing much better now, took some ibuprofen and got some rest, and she's ready to go!

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