Sunday, April 28, 2013

Camp Kachina

There are two Girl Scout camps nearby, one is Camp Texlake, where Regan goes every summer, and we have been for Service Unit campouts and activities. The other is Camp Kachina. It is not nearly as nice as Camp Texlake, as we had the opportunity to discover!

We signed the girls up for a Journey weekend called "Get Moving". I thought it was all about exercise and eating right and all that, so thought it would be a fun weekend, but tiring. No, was I wrong! For some reason it was all about energy conservation. How to reduce your carbon footprint, and recycle, and reduce greenhouse gases. Yawn. I get it, we need to take care of our planet, yada yada yada. I don't need to spend my entire weekend sleeping on a cot in a screened shelter to learn about it!

The girls had fun, somewhat. They enjoyed making beads out of recycled paper. They enjoyed doing an energy audit on some of the lodges. And they enjoyed a team building exercise on a tarp, where they all had to stand on one side of the tarp, and manage to flip it to the other side without anyone falling off.

But the best part was late on Saturday night, the girls came to our cabin after showers and had me French braid their hair and we all got to talking and laughing, and even dancing (Gangnam Style!) and we were laughing so hard we got busted! Finally have some real fun and we had to shut it down. But it was a great time with the girls, that I don't think they will ever forget!!

But, we had no a/c, outdoor showers, pretty bad bathrooms, it just wasn't a real fun weekend like I was expecting. But, next month we have another campout there, and I'm not volunteering for it!

Elise got to spend the weekend with Aunt Tammy, and they had a great time, she was spoiled rotten! They took her shopping and bought her diapers and formula and some cute clothes! Then I got to meet up with Tammy on Sunday for lunch and get her back. She enjoyed her time with Aunt Tammy and all her "cousins"!

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