Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fun Baby Times

I'm home all day with the kids at school, it's just me and Elise (and the dogs-but they aren't as fun) so of course I just take pictures and videos all day.

Elise loves, I mean LOVES the iPad. I downloaded some baby games and she will sit there and talk and laugh, it is so stinking cute! So here's a video of her laughing at an iPad game: (click here)

And she was taking a bath one night, she loves bath time, and I was looking for some of Regan's toys that she can play with, and found this black dragon toy from a Happy Meal from years ago. I tossed it in the tub and she freaked out! She does NOT like him. I don't know why, but anytime it gets close to her she freaks out, blinks her eyes and pouts, it's too funny, so of course, I took a picture.

And one of Hunter being a bad dog and trying to take off with a couch cushion. That boy is a handful I tell you! He needs/wants constant attention, and I don't have the time to give it to him. We are about to get him into some puppy training though, so that should help.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures, you know there will be more to come, many, many more!

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