Friday, April 26, 2013

The Casts are GONE!

Regan was very excited to finally get her last cast off. We had a Girl Scout campout coming up and she did NOT want to go camping with a cast on. On the off chance she could find her way to a pool or lake or something!

They took her cast off (nasty), she tried to keep it (gross) and took more x-rays of both arms. The left arm looks almost like new, and the right arm is getting there. She is now in a splint on the right arm only, for 3 weeks and only when she's out of the house. So she's very excited. Her arm was really gross when they took the cast off though, lots of brown, dead skin. The doc told her to wait and let it all come off on it's own or it would be sensitive, but before they could come in with the splint, she had all that dead skin rubbed off.

After 2 months, she's cast free!!

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