Thursday, June 6, 2013

Court Update

Well, we had another court date this morning. I wasn't as nervous this time, but then they called me to the front too, and then I got nervous QUICK!!

We were the last case to be called before the judge, so we sat there and watched as several other people went before the judge, which was kind of nice because we saw all the things they were making other parents go through to get their kids back, and it was a lot.

Kenzie was a no-show. She texted me on Memorial Day from a new number and let's just say we didn't have a pleasant text exchange. She thought because "dad" was not on the birth certificate, that there was no way he could get custody, and she wants Elise back, whenever she decides to get her life straight.

Anyway, I passed her number along to CPS but no one has been able to get her to answer, so she hasn't been served papers. But she knows this is in court so she can't claim that she doesn't know what's going on. Very soon, they will just put her down as "abandonment" and move on.

Well, today, "dad" showed up with his court appointed attorney. They asked CPS several questions about Elise and her medical issues and Kenzie and if there has been any contact. Then they asked "dad" questions about his background, his drug issues, his violence issues, his arrest record, etc. He said he hasn't come to visit Elise at our house because he doesn't feel comfortable here. At first I was offended but then I realize, hey, if a violent drug abuser doesn't feel comfortable in my home, I must be doing something right :)

Then Elise's attorney questioned me, mostly about her health issues and if I was okay with keeping up with her scheduled appointments, and taking her to visitation. I really like this guy, and I think he's going to fight his best on Elise's behalf. The judge asked me if I had any idea where my sister was (I don't) and she was very nice. I know I used to be a CASA and go before the judge, but it's a whole other story being on the other side of it! I was so nervous.

We did find out that his fiance is in a CPS custody issue as well, so that will be for our benefit down the road. He's currently unemployed, and living in a temporary apartment that he even admits is not child friendly. We will have supervised visitation at a CPS location (again, this is great for us because he moved to South Austin, and he can't even make it to court on time, and I've been stood up by him so many times already). At least now this will all be on record. He will have to do a paternity test and then they will order him to pay child support. Then he will have parenting classes, I'm sure some drug/alcohol counseling, hopefully anger management or violence prevention classes. None of us are expecting too much on his end. We'll see I guess.

I tell you one thing, I would rather cut off both arms than let her go to him though. There is no life for her there. It would be a never ending cycle of poverty and drug abuse. "Dad" has no education, no job skills, already a violent record, the last thing he needs is a baby girl that has health issues.

Anyway, I just would like everyone to keep praying that the hidden will be brought to light, that the best thing for Elise will be done, and grace for me since we will have a baby for a lot longer than we expected!!

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