Saturday, June 8, 2013

Regan's Birthday Dinner

Regan has been wanting to go to a Hibachi type place for dinner for a while now. She wasn't sure what it was called, but kept saying one of those places where they cook in front of you with a lot of fire! So, I found a Groupon for a new place that just opened in Pflugerville, so we thought we would bring her for her birthday dinner. She loved it!

The chef we had was great, he was very entertaining, and Regan loved him. He tossed shrimp into everyone's mouth (Riley was great at this, and he even tossed one from across the table and Riley caught it, everyone was suitably impressed).

At one point, he lit the stove on fire, and it made a big whoosh, and Elise completely freaked out! It was the funniest thing we have ever seen! People across the restaurant were laughing at her. She just sat there and shook her hands back and forth and her face was priceless. I grabbed her and she held on to me like she would never let go! It sounds bad, but it was really cute. She never cried, but her lip kept curling down like she wanted to. She came around and later one when he lit some more things on fire, she was much better with it.

Regan has had 2 of her horseback riding lessons that were her birthday presents from us and her Mimi and Papa, and she is LOVING them! The horse farm where she is taking lessons does horse shows, so she can't wait to get into one of those. Not sure what that takes, but I guess we have something to work towards.

And then we have just some random update pictures. Elise is doing great, she's really enjoying trying to crawl and pull up and get around on her own. She's so cute!

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