Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pfluger Park

First official day of summer! I left the kids home to clean their mess and I left to run "errands" (that's code for pedicure).  It worked out well except Riley mopped the whole house with Listerine! I came home and it smelled really weird and finally figured out what he did, and he had to redo it all with vinegar!  And it wasn't the minty fresh Listerine either, it was the medicinal yellow one.

Anyway, he has a "girlfriend" now and a group of friends wanted to meet up at the park, so I said if they did a good job getting the place cleaned up, I would take them. Also, he had to be okay with me staying with the girls. He said fine as long as I didn't follow him around. Wow, it's come to that now.

So, Regan and I walked Elise around and let her swing, she LOVED swinging! She was laughing the whole time. Then we walked around by the creek and Regan wanted a photo shoot, and then we went to get Dr. Pepper Icee's and head home for church.

Not a bad start to the summer!

Here's the video of Elise on the swings:


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