Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day Five Cozumel and Dolphinaris

This is it! The event we've been waiting for! Honestly, I don't know if this was more for Regan or for me! No, really, it was for Regan. But man, this was awesome. So, we docked and got off the ship early (like, super early) and then had to wait for our shuttle bus, so we shopped around the cruise ship port a bit. Everything is a little over priced there, and really, it looked like Florida or something. Very touristy, and just not my idea of real Mexico, too polished.

But, it was pretty. The water, again, is amazing. We found some shirts that the kids wanted, and said we would come back so we don't have to lug anything around all day. We got on our taxi to Dolphinaris, and had to go through the spiel, no sunscreen, no jewelry, no sunglasses, no shoes, etc. Then we got in the super cold water with the dolphins and the trainer. We were the first session of the day, so it was nice. I was afraid it would be over before we knew it, but it was a nice long time. First he went over all the rules and the hand signals. We were in a group with another dad and his 2 kids, and just us, so it was a nice small group. He showed us the way to hold our hands and face, and have our dolphin, Simo, come over and give us a kiss on the cheek, and then to turn and give her a kiss on her chin. Then we got tol hold our hand out under her chin and pet her back, but not near the blow hole (which I always thought was just a hole, but it opens and closes like an eyelid or something). Then we got to pet her on her belly, and then swim across the lagoon and wait for her to come over and swim by us, we grabbed her fins and she swam us back to our spot on the other side of the lagoon. And Simo was fast! It was so neat. Then we got to put on masks and she would swim right under us so we could reach out and pet her and watch her swim. We got to pet her a lot as she swam by, and feel her tail and fins, and everything. It was neat, they are so soft and rubbery/leathery feeling.

We were in there for about an hour altogether. Then it was time to wash off and look at pictures. Of course, we are suckers, and how can you swim with dolphins and not have proof, right? (No cameras allowed in the pool, of course) so we worked a deal with them and managed to get all the pictures on CD, and get the DVD and 4 8x10 prints. The pictures are awesome though. I'm really glad we got them. And how many little girls can say their very first kiss was with a dolphin?

Then we had lunch that was included in our package, so we had fajitas and quesadillas and then decided to head back to the ship. We were still pretty tired from the day before, and David's knee was hurting, so we just went back a little early. We did stop and buy some t-shirts and our traditional magnet, and then managed to get back on the ship before the crowds returned. Regan, David and I took a nap while Riley met up with his friends.

Since we had some extra time, I made the kids dress up, I actually put on make up, and we went down for pictures before dinner.  The have picture booths set up all over the ship with different backgrounds and they aren't that expensive, and when are we ever going to get it together for a family photo again?! So much to their chagrin, we posed. They had a neat black and white background, and we were all in black and white, so we did some there, and then some in front of a cruise ship background, and some of the kids in front of a pirate background. They were pretty neat, and it was really hard to narrow it down to just a few! (But I did, one of all of us, one of me and David, and two of just the kids)

Then we went to a magic show that was pretty cool but Riley said had too much dancing. I think he was just upset that we were making him hang with us for a while and not with his new friends. Then we went to dinner where he came with us his one and only time, but left before his entree so he could go to his club Mardi Gras party!

David and I got a souffle this time, and not the warm chocolate melting cake, and maybe that's where we went wrong, I don't know, but that night David and I got so sick. But, we went back to our room, and went to bed a little early cause we were just feeling wiped out by that time.



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