Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day Six - Sick Day at Sea

Not much to report about this day. We woke up, and went right back to bed. Well, I did, I think David went to brunch! I got up and went to lunch, but only ate about half a burger, and then went back to bed. I was wanting to go see a show at 2:30, so I wanted to lay down for about 30 minutes and ended up sleeping for 3 hours. I don't know what we had, but it was fever, headache and body aches, pains, and stomach issues. Just not fun at all. Finally made it up for dinner and then took Regan to look at the pictures, then David took her to play some games in the arcade, and Riley was out playing with his friends all day. At least one of us was having fun! Regan would go out for a bit, but she just kept coming back.

After dinner, I packed, and by pack, I mean I shoved everything we had into a suitcase. I was not in the mood to do any sorting so who knows where anything is at this point!

We had to get up at 7 the next morning for debarkation, so we went to bed early again, and I was happy about that!

Day 7 - not much to report. We got up, I finished packing while the kids and David had breakfast, we said goodbye to Erwin, and hit the dock. David got the car, we hit the road. We stopped in Elgin for BBQ sandwiches to bring home for lunch, grabbed Princess and made it home in time for a nap.

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