Friday, August 16, 2013

Getting out of Town is Always the Hardest!

The "plan" was simple, when David got home from work, hopefully early, we head to Houston to spend the night with Benny and Christina so the kids can hang out at least for one night, and then we are closer to Galveston on Saturday morning so we can board the ship early.

Of course, nothing can be easy, or go as "planned".  We got an email late Thursday from the place where we have been boarding Hunter lately, to get him used to the place for this trip, since we were going to be gone for 6 nights, we didn't want to just leave him somewhere and have him think we ditched him. Well, they had an outbreak of mycoplasma and while they would still board the dogs, they would be kenneled most of the time. Only out for individual walks, no group play, no water time, no pond, it sounded sad. So I spent the morning scrambling, trying to find a place that would keep Hunter on short notice. Most boarders want them to come for a day of evaluation first, so it was rough, but I found a place right down the street that even gave us 2 free nights, and they had a web cam so I got to go home and watch him play with the other dogs for a while! He seemed to be having a good time, so then it was off to board dog number 2. Princess stays with a friend of mine who grooms her, because she breeds, and owns, very small dogs, so Princess fits right in.

Then, David wanted us to meet him for lunch at his favorite Friday lunch spot, Perry's Steakhouse, downtown. This was kind of a kick-off-vacation-right kind of lunch. They have a lunch special on Friday's only, the worlds largest pork chop for 11 bucks. Seriously, it is huge. The kids enjoyed their fancy lunch, although for the life of him, Riley couldn't figure out why the businessmen who eat there prefer listening to classical music instead of Daft Punk.

Thankfully, we had a late lunch and David didn't have to go back, so we went home so I could finish packing. I had started packing the day before and had the kids done, just had me and David to finish up. But with dealing with all the dog issues, I ended up in a rush and forgot a few key items, namely, my bathing suit! David and I went to the beach last month, and when we got home, our bathing suits were wet so I put them in a trash bag, with my nice Chaco water shoes. Well, Riley saw a trash bag and threw it away! So I had just gotten a brand new bathing suit, washed it, and left it hanging in the laundry room. Also forgot David's nice pants for our fancy dinner, and my razor, and David's water shoes.

Anyway, Riley had football practice late, and it was picture night, so David didn't want Riley to miss that, so we figured we would head out as soon as pictures were over, hoping they would do freshmen first and we could get out quick. Well, it was 7 before we were on the road. We got in to Benny and Tina's around 11 and stayed up visiting till super late (or early!) I don't think Riley and Jeremiah even went to sleep at all.

But it was fun to catch up, and I had 7 bags of clothes for Joy, Jeremiah and Tina's new grand baby Aubrey! We decided to tell the kids about the cruise the night before because Riley had a scrimmage game on Saturday morning that he didn't want to miss. He kept asking us why we couldn't just leave on Saturday morning instead of Friday night. We didn't want him to think we didn't care about his game, but we really had to be there by Saturday morning! And it was such a mad rush to get there, and so late when we got in, I didn't take any pictures! We did get to meet Josh's new wife Ashley too, since they had come in to town to surprise Tina for her birthday.

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