Thursday, August 15, 2013


I realized I'm kind of behind on updating but there hasn't been too much going on, so don't worry, you didn't miss much :)

First, we had Elise's follow up appointment on the MRI on the 6th, it went surprisingly well! Trista and her friend Nancy drove Elise down and we met David for lunch at Freebird's so he could spend some time with his favorite baby. Then we headed down to the appointment, and it was kind of odd. We had to wait forever, the doctor came in finally and just goes, "Uh, yeah, it's gone." We just kind of stared at him a minute before we realized what he meant. He said the cyst has "mysteriously disappeared." Then said, good thing we didn't do surgery! So, that was that. Great news, and what we had been praying for! (We do we always seemed surprised when God answers our prayers?)

Then they went home after the appointment (and after we did a drive by of some of Austin's best goodie places)

And then Riley started football practice from 8-12 every day, and I've just been the taxi. Regan has spent the night with friends, and we've just been plugging along, trying to avoid the heat, and getting ready for vacation.

Speaking of...we leave tomorrow! We told the kids we are spending the week at Galveston, and we are going down tomorrow night to spend the night with their cousins, Joy and Jeremiah. We haven't had a chance to do cousin camp this summer, and Regan was so disappointed, until I told her that we would be able to spend ONLY one night with them. She jumped up and down and said, "Mom, one night with Joy is ALL I NEED!!"  She's very excited!

Then on Saturday morning, we will head to Galveston, not to stay there for the week, but to surprise the kids with a cruise! We are going to Progreso and Cozumel, and will swim with the dolphins in Cozumel. I know Regan is going to FREAK. I can't wait. I am excited to have time with the kids (and David) before school starts back up and we are all running ourselves ragged.

So stay tuned for a ton of pictures when I get home! We are going to be radio silent for the whole trip (another thing I'm excited about) no phones, no i-things, just family time. Good old fashioned family time!

See you next week!

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