Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Riley is 15. FIFTEEN!!

Riley just turned 15. I can hardly believe my baby bird is FIFTEEN! We are giving him the gift of Driver's Ed for his birthday, so he doesn't get a party or anything else really. But I did pick him up from school and took him to Chili's for lunch and we split that yummy dessert. He is done with football for now (after school football, he still has football class every day where they do tons of weight lifting and training) but now he will do wrestling, and that might be before school, we aren't sure on the schedule yet. Anyway, after wrestling practice, we met Mimi and Papa for dinner at Chuy's, where we decided to be nice and not have them come out and sing to him, and embarrass him! He's excited about starting Driver's Ed, and driving. I can't believe he's 15. I sometimes really miss the old days where the only thing he drove was his little 4 wheeler around Grandma and Grandpa's house, doing tricks on it, like laying on his stomach and pushing the gas pedal with his hands. Let's hope he doesn't try anything like that while he's driving my truck!

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