Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Riley's Wrestling Career Starts, Then Ends.

Now that football season is over, Riley decided to try wrestling. Practice has been in the evenings until the last varsity football game (this Friday, since Hendrickson made it to the playoffs, go Hawks!) so last night David was waiting to pick Riley up and he came out on crutches. Not good.

Riley was wrestling with another kid, and his leg got twisted around and he fell on it wrong and when he went to stand up, he heard a pop.  So this morning we brought him to the school for the trainer to look at his knee, and she said it looked like his MCL and meniscus. I made him an appointment with the Pediatric Ortho that Regan saw for her broken arms, and we got right in. They did some x-rays but didn't see anything.

So they think he has a sprained ankle, and a badly sprained MCL. They don't think anything is torn, but they want him to wear this brace for 2 weeks and see if he gains any movement. If it still hurts, they will do an MRI then. Until then, rest it, no sports, and take it easy. Which means no football or drills or PT. Down time is never easy for him, so this will be interesting!

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