Saturday, November 9, 2013

Veteran's Day Parade/We Are Girls

It's been a bit of a "divide and conquer" weekend. One of our Girl Scout leaders had something come up, so they asked me to take her place at the "We Are Girls" Conference today. Riley had a fundraising hike for ROTC but he also had a parade for Sea Cadets, and he's color guard, so he really HAD to be there for the parade. We did raise money for ROTC, but he went to the parade. David met them out there so he could take pictures for me.

So Regan and I headed out with the troop bright and early this morning, and the keynote speaker was a young lady that was on the Olympic Boxing team. She was pretty inspiring, and it was neat to see a girl do so well in such a male dominated sport. Then we had several breakout sessions, but it was pretty unorganized and we weren't able to get into the sessions we really wanted, but overall, it wasn't too bad. We all got to wear our new troop shirts, and they were cute!

And then David went out to Cedar Park for the Parade and he said Riley did great. He look so dog-gone handsome in his dress blues! AND, I got to use my sewing machine again right before he left for drill, he got a 3 stripe instead of a 2 stripe (I don't know what that means except it's a rank up) so I got to sew the new patch on, and being a small sleeve, I think I did pretty good!

So we have about an hour of down time before we head off for our small group. We are now entering the "busy season" of our lives! From here till Christmas, it seems like it's just non-stop activities!

Regan's 'Role Model' she said, "My mom, she's nice, careing and loves me!" Aww!

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