Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crowe's Nest Farm

Crowe's Nest Farm

Today I went on a study trip with Regan's class to Crowe's Nest Farm. It's such a great place and we've been many times on several other study trips and birthday parties, but Regan didn't really remember much, so she had a blast today. First was a picnic lunch, then a short video about all the animals they have at the farm. Then we got to tour inside the barn, see all the snakes, geckos, turtles, spiders, and creepy crawlies (ick).

Hay ride time!! We had a fun hay ride, got to see some ostriches get fed and see some huge ostrich eggs and then we watched a mama cow get milked first by a machine, then by her baby. Then we walked around the farm and saw all kinds of other animals, turkeys, huge pigs, prairie dogs, goats, llamas and many other animals. They have a children's garden, a Fairy Wood and a Butterfly Garden, it's so neat out there and perfect weather this time of year!

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