Saturday, March 29, 2008

Father Daughter Dance

Regan's Girl Scouts had a Father Daughter dance and I SO wanted to be a fly on the wall!! I told Regan that she was going on a "daddy date" and she just gave me her look and said, "I don't go on dates with grown ups!" She told me she was nervous, and so was daddy! He wasn't sure about the dance part, and neither was she.

I think they both had a great time. David said he was surprised I couldn't hear the squeals all the way at the house whenever they played a Hannah Montana song, the girls would go crazy! And Regan and her friend ran to the dance floor (without Daddy's) to dance the electric slide! And the theme was Fiesta, they had a Mariachi band, and David said Regan asked him why they kept playing the same song over and over! She was in heaven since they served taquitos, beans and rice. And for pictures, she insisted David wear a nice, fake black mustache. Now I need to find a scanner, that picture is priceless! They had a great time and they came back all cuddly and are good little buddies now, so it was nice that they got to spend that special time together, and dad got a great peak into the world of little girls, Hannah Montana, and purple glitter hair spray!

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