Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

What a fun and crazy night! It all started a few weeks ago when David and Alex were talking about how David had always wanted to do a prime rib for Christmas. Alex was saying yeah, that sounds good, and the next thing we know, he uses his connections and gets a HUGE prime rib for us to do on Christmas Eve. Pam and Dave were going to be working so they didn't think they would come until they heard about the prime rib, and we put our order in for Dave's famous mashed potatoes (it's just not a family holiday without them!)

So, then it was going to be Alex and Tristan, us, and Pam and Dave, no biggie. But, I called Daniel and Kenzie, I wanted them to come too, since this is our first Christmas with Daniel in a long time. Then Kris and his fiance Jen didn't have any plans, so they wanted to come too. Then Matt and his girlfriend wanted to come, and she brought two of her kids (one is 5 and Regan's new best friend). Then Daniel called and asked if his girlfriend Nikki could come (why not?) and she brought her son, Hayden, who is 2. And then his friend Matt, who was here at Thanksgiving, didn't have anywhere to go for Christmas so we invited him too. Then Kenzie came with her friend Jessica, who is also her wheels right now. We had a house FULL!!

And as usual, we had plenty of food, we did two prime ribs (once it started growing, Pam got another one, and some ribs) and of course, the famous mashed potatoes, and I made sweet potato casserole for the first time, and a garlic dip that would keep vampires out of the entire state of Texas, and a pumpkin chiffon pie that I got the recipe from Oprah. Yum! The prime rib was SO good, and hopefully a new tradition. Alex also smoked a ham, and David made homemade horseradish, and au jus, and I'm still so full I can't think straight!

Dave took a bunch of pictures with his camera, so I will be adding to this when I get copies of his, but for now, here are mine:
Christmas Eve

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