Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

Regan's Brownie troop had a gingerbread event at a local church. We got to go and decorate our very own Gingerbread House and have a hot dog/chili dinner. The kids had a great time, we let Riley decorate one side, Regan the other side, and they were both...interesting. Riley found a reindeer candy and a Tootsie Roll and, well, boys will be boys, he made it look like the reindeer just pooped the Tootsie Roll. Regan made her rooftop into a pattern, which she says more like "patteren" it's cute. They had a great time, no Christmas season is complete without a Gingerbread House, right?

Here's Regan and her side:

And here's Riley and his side:

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