Thursday, December 18, 2008


Our church started an Upward Basketball and Cheerleading league, and of course the kids wanted to join, and of course I'm a sucker and think we can do EVERYTHING. Now on Monday's, after Riley is in gymnastics for 2 hours, until 5:30, we rush home, have dinner, and then dad and Riley head off to basketball practice, from 8-9, which is pretty late. And on Thursday's, again after sitting at gymnastics with Riley for 2 hours, David will bring Regan to me (he usually picks her up on Thursday's so I can rush Riley to gymnastics) so we can switch off kids and I can take Regan to Cheerleading from 6-7. Makes for a busy week, but the kids enjoy it, and it's all about them, right? Last night I spent 2 hours fluffing pom poms. The downside? Regan's games to cheer are at 8am on Saturday mornings, so for 2 months I will have NO sleep in days, and sometimes, I live for those sleep in days. Riley's games are around 10-11, so we'll have enough time to grab breakfast at La Madeline and be back for his. Already have it planned out.

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