Friday, March 27, 2009

Austin's Park and Pizza Day!

The day started nasty, it was POURING rain when we woke up. But the sky cleared and it warmed up, so we headed to APP for the afternoon, to celebrate the last day of Spring Break. We all played lazer tag, rode go-carts, and bumper boats. Regan was SO upset because she rode with David in the bumper boats once and he got everyone so wet they ganged up and got David and Regan soaked. She stormed off upset that she got the brunt of everyone's anger at Dad! But she did get to drive the boats on her own, she's tall enough to do that, so she drove herself a few times until...lo and behold, a cold front comes through and it gets down right chilly! So we headed inside for games and to dry off some. Tristan came up and met us for a while too and we had a good time, didn't leave till almost 9!

Here's a video of David getting everyone wet:

And Regan going for a ride in the spinning tea cups, how she doesn't make herself sick, I don't know!

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