Monday, March 16, 2009

A Day on the Farm

Tammy will laugh at me for calling it that, but we spent the day at Tammy's house, and it's like a farm! We saw the rabbits and chickens, and the kids gathered the eggs from the chicken coop, and we got to bottle feed her new baby goat! So, that's a farm, right?! It was fun, the goat was hilarious, a loud little thing, and cute as a button. I got to hold her and she almost went to sleep in my arms, she just doesn't want to be left alone for a minute. I will post some video later I got of her bleating her little heart out! It's so sad. But she is adorable and the kids had a blast out there, Riley got to drive the mule around and Regan and Angie played all day, Regan is still there playing, she spent the night. She will be worn out when she comes home today!

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