Friday, March 13, 2009

Day at the Salon

First I went and had my hair cut at Sonia's, I went shorter for the summer, and it looked like she cut about 7 or 8 inches off! It feels a lot better, and I'll like it better when I can fix it without looking like I have a mushroom cap on.

Then after we met David for lunch, we dragged (literally) Riley next door for his hair cut. He needs one before his big gymnastics meet in a couple of weeks, it just had to be done, the curls had to come off. He was NOT happy about it at all, but I think it looks pretty good. As I'm telling the lady how short we want his hair, I turn around to see this...

Regan tells me, "I'm having a manicure!" So at least I got to sit and watch in peace. Here's the final result on the nails:

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