Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fashion Show

The kids have been growing like crazy, time for new clothes! I've been finding some good deals at Ross and Riley seems to love what I get him lately, so I had him do some modeling for me. He's just getting more and more handsome each day. He's such a great kid, I know as a parent, you have to LOVE your kid, but I really like him. He's turning into a great guy, and he's so funny. He keeps me laughing, which is not what I expected. I thought he would be more serious, and he can be, but he does have a wicked sense of humor!

And Regan, she's just so sweet. She is volunteering at church now, with the two year olds and she loves it. Every week I get huge compliments from the people she serves with about how great she is with the kids, and how sweet she is. She loves all animals, and is still wanting to be a vet someday. She is a HUGE A&M fan, and is hoping to go to vet school there, and loves reading about the school, their mascot, and their traditions. She's pretty funny too, but mostly unintentionally. She just has such a servant's heart, and is always fixing us drinks, or asking if she can get anything for us (even her brother!)

Well, I didn't mean for this to be a "brag on my kids" post, but oh well, I can write what I want! To be fair, as great as they are individually, they are like oil and water together, or fire and black powder. They are highly combustible! I love them dearly, but together, oy vey!

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