Wednesday, October 31, 2012



We had quite an eventful Halloween this year! It started off with a return to the infamous Haunted House that we visited (very quickly) a few years back. The kids had wanted to go so bad, but then got scared out of their minds last time, so this time, they wanted to try again. They were convinced that they could handle it, on their own no less. So, we brought them with their canned goods, and got there just in time for opening, learned our lesson last time, and no 3 hour wait for us! A cold front had come in so I had tortilla soup ready to go at home, we waited with the kids in line and then as soon as they went in, we waited in the car to warm up.

The loved it, I guess they are old enough now to appreciate the cheesy-ness of it. Went home to a nice hot bowl of soup, and spent the evening warming up and hanging out.

Then, the next morning Regan and I headed to a Girl Scout event (more on that later) and that evening we had our neighbor's Halloween party. They do this every year and it's so much fun! They have a big shin-dig in their backyard and the whole neighborhood comes out to help do games and they had a s'more pit, a bouncey house, cake walk, the kids have a blast. Riley helped us do some games and Regan got to see a bunch of her new school friends, and we just had a good time, stayed and talked and played till almost midnight!

Then on Halloween night, Regan had made plans to go Trick or Treating with her friends from school, WITHOUT mom and dad! I was a little sad about that, but one of the dad's was walking a big group of them around and she wanted to be a big girl and go with her friends. Riley decided he was too old for Trick or Treating, until one of his friends knocked on the door, so out he ran in an old Jason mask. He didn't stay out long, just enough to get some candy to munch on. Regan was out late and came home with a HUGE bag full of candy! Thankfully it's mostly forgotten now and I can pick out what I want for mom tax and toss the rest!

I dressed as a "Real Housewives of Travis County" with my robe, slippers, hair in rollers, I scared a bunch of little kids, that was fun! Overall, Halloween was a little anti-climactic this year. The kids are getting too old, and that makes me sad.

Regan really wanted to be a Zombie Bride, but couldn't find a costume she liked for it, and when she saw the "Athena-Greek Goddess" costume, she was sold! Glad for at least one more year before she goes scary!

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