Thursday, October 18, 2012

Laundry Room Redo

I love Pinterest. I get all kinds of ideas for things I want to try. But mostly, it's just that...ideas. But when I saw this laundry room, I had to have it! My laundry room is my least favorite room of our house, and not just because of the dreaded chore that goes on in that room. It's tiny, it's dark, it's in a bad place, you can't switch out laundry unless you go in and shut the door behind you, making me, a non-claustrophobic person, slightly claustrophobic. Basically, I hate it. But I stumbled upon this laundry room on Pinterest, I figured that was something easy enough for me and my handyman-challenged husband to handle!

First, we got the washer and dryer out of the room and started massive clean up. I don't know how the floor can get so dirty underneath those things! David took the opportunity to drain the washer hose or something, whatever it was, I know it stank, bad!  Then we went to Home Depot and got all the wood cut. The pedestals for our washer and dryer are around $250-299 each, ouch! The wood for this project was about $110. Major savings!! We also bought a drip pan thing for under the washer, just in case.

Then David started assembling the pedestal while I painted the room. I went back and forth on the color, I recently painted my dining room wall a dark orange, kind of paprika color, and I like it, but I also had turquoise paint for the fireplace wall, and it's nice and bright and cheerful, so I went with that (maybe this will be my new happy place?)

While the pedestal building and painting took longer than we expected, having to work on it bits and pieces after work, we still managed to get it ready in good time. Of course, Regan comes home with a last minute picture day order form, and no clean picture clothes, so that was one snag in the process, but we got it worked out!

Then we put the pedestal in place and had fun trying to get the washer and dryer back on top and re-connected, but we managed. The only thing left is I want to trim the front so it looks a little nicer, and I'm looking for orange bins for the shelves. But, as it is, I *love* it! We even did a load of clothes as soon as we were done to make sure it didn't jiggle off the pedestal, and it worked great! I'm loving not having to get on my hands and knees to switch out laundry and we can now walk through to the garage without stepping over broken laundry hampers!

Now, back to Pinterest so I can find my next project!!

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