Thursday, October 4, 2012

Red's Range

David has been wanting us to get some guns lately ('A' gun, I don't want to be on any government watch list!) so we went to Red's to do some target practice, and see if we liked this one. We didn't, so he's still looking. But it was kind of fun. The kids were mad that we didn't take them with us, and someone brought some very loud something or other, even with those headphones on, I would flinch each time it was shot. I really don't know much about guns, and just want one that will put a hole in a bad guy, but David says I have to be all comfortable with it and all that. Annie Oakley, I'm not!

I thought I did pretty good though, the ones closest to the black are mine. Of course, David shot farther away than I did (full disclosure) but still, I could hit a bad guy at 3 yards! We have the best date nights.

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