Monday, October 8, 2012

Sweet Berry Farm

Sweet Berry Farm

The kids had the day off school, David took a day since he had just been on call and it was a rough week for him, so we thought we would surprise the kids and head out to Sweet Berry Farm. David had only been once, and not during fall so he really wanted to do the giant Texas corn maze. We got there, and it was pretty crowded, but we got our obligatory pumpkin ice cream (best ever, in the world) and I went camera happy, taking pictures of all the crazy pumpkins they have out there. We fed the goats, and then made our way over to the huge Texas maze, and it is ginormous! The kids wanted to do it by themselves, so we had a parents vs. kids maze race.

It took over an hour to find all the towns, but the parents were victorious! They give you a card with 12 towns on it, actual towns, this theme was towns with animal names (like, Crow, Crane, Marlin, White Deer, etc) and each place has a unique hole punch, so you punch your card as you find towns. Well, it was hard, but we got them all and were sitting enjoying our prize "free" drink when the kids came out, upset that they couldn't find the last two towns. So, dad to the rescue, he took them back in, and they emerged victorious a few minutes later.

Then we headed back to town for dinner and home. The weather was perfect, and the kids (and parents) were exhausted! I love when we have fun family days!

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