Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chuck E Cheese Fundraiser

This was so neat, I planned this fund raiser for our school a while back and I can't wait to see how we did, but judging by how many people I saw eating at Chuck E's tonight, I think we did pretty well! Part of the deal is, Chuck E will come to your school, and so he came today and I got to escort him around to all the classrooms to say hi to all the kids, or scare the crap out of them, depending on the kid! It was cute, the boys were all, "I'm coming tonight to kick your butt!" And the girls would just about knock him down trying to hug him. All the kids got stickers for 10 free tokens, and so of course, that meant we ate yummy, delicious Chuck E Cheese pizza for dinner tonight! But, all for a good cause, right?

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