Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cookies Rock!

Regan had Brownie Cookie Training today, where they taught her how to be a proper Girl Scout Cookie sales person. It was fun, they had a horse theme which is right up her alley! She got a cowgirl tattoo, learned the rules of selling cookies in a Cookie Rodeo, learned safety rules in the computer lab, had a blind cookie taste test in a Cookie Derby, and learned proper serving sizes during snack time (2 sleeves of Thin Mints isn't the proper serving size, go figure). She got to draw a picture of her goal:

And yes, she kept bumping that number up. First it was 400 boxes of cookies, then she saw the stuffed mama and baby horse that she can win if she sells 520 boxes, so she decided in the end, her goal is now to sell 556,600 boxes of cookies. So, grandparents, start saving!!

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