Thursday, November 6, 2008

Study Trip to Round Rock Police Department

Round Rock Police Dept

Regan's class went on a study trip today to the Round Rock Police Department, and it was a lot of fun! Thanks to Officer Bird who was great at keeping the kids entertained. He took us on a tour of the new police facility, showed us where the training rooms where, and explained everything so the kids could understand, and showed us where the 911 call center is, the workout room with the rubber floor and the padded walls (which I want at home!) He took us to the garage to show us the Police vehicles, the mule, the ATV's, the SWAT tank thingie, the mobile police unit (RV) and let the kids see the lights and look inside the cop car.

Then, the highlight, he put them all in jail! It was just the holding area, and it was empty, so he let the kids go in and they were so excited, so we got to take pictures of them behind bars. They thought it was so neat, good thing it's a brand new building!! I can't imagine a jail cell staying that clean for too much longer.

Then he showed them all the nifty things on his belt, the extra bullets, the handcuffs, the pepper spray, the nightstick, all the fun and exciting things that policemen have with them. Regan must have enjoyed it cause she asked me later, "Mom, should I be a vet or a policeman?"

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