Saturday, November 1, 2008

NYOS Fall Fest '08

The School's biggest fund raiser of the year is Fall Fest and it's a lot of fun, and a lot of hard work for the people who organize it. I, for once, am not one of them. Sometimes I feel guilty about that, then other times I remember this is about the only thing left in this school that I don't have my hand in, so I feel better. David and I worked our booths and served our time, donated our goods, and had fun. Except for the fact that it was so FRICKIN HOT!! There's no way it's November and this stinking hot outside! I felt bad for all those kids who decided to be wizards and furry animals, they were melting in their costumes.

Anyway, it was fun, Regan got her hair painted pink with glitter, and her scalp is still bright red after like 3 washings. I may need to get a scrub brush after her scalp tomorrow! Riley won a bottle of coke and drank most of it walking around, mmmm, warm soda! Surprisingly, he did the haunted house, and didn't get too scared!

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